We offer a safe place for you to learn self-defense.
Everyone is welcome: beginners or advanced students.



In a nutshell: What can you expect from our training? What is Combatives?

  • Combatives is a modern and realistic self-protection system incorporating so-called “soft skills” (detecting possible violence, avoiding it via escape and /or de-escalation) as well as the so-called “hard skills” of physical counter-violence that work best in high-stress, dangerous situations. Your mind is your most powerful tool; knowledge and practice is power. No method is perfect and no method can guarantee your survival in dangerous situations, but Combatives training increases your chances significantly.
  • Combatives relies on basic strategic & tactical principles and only a few physical techniques that are easy to learn – it’s better to know a handful of techniques that work under stress than to rely on too many techniques that you can’t recall under duress.
  • All the physical techniques you learn are gross-motor skills which work better than fine-motor skills when you are surprised and/or afraid.
  • Self-protection begins in your mind. Mindset and mental conditioning is a big part of our training. The mental aspects can and should be trained and developed like the physical aspects. We teach you to increase your awareness and utilize appropriate responses to possible or imminent violence.
  • To get a better idea about Combatives training, go to the links section for information about and from self-protection instructors such as Lee Morrison of Urban Combatives, Michiel Mulder of Urban Combatives Netherlands, Kelly McCann, Tony Blauer (founder of the SPEAR System), Geoff Thompson, Rory Miller of Chiron Training, Tim Larkin of Target Focussed Training, Varg Freeborn, and Marc MacYoung of No Nonsense Self Defense. Pay attention not only to their methods of physical counter-violence, but also to the equally important tools of detection, avoidance, and de-escalation. These instructors have a big influence on us and we closely follow their principles, methods, and philosophies.
  • Our club is an official member of the SPORTUNION and is non-profit which means you benefit from reasonably priced training.