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How a hard straight punch works in self-defense

Knife attack: How to defend yourself realistically on the street!

One method of getting around the opponent’s defense

Free yourself from a stranglehold with “The Frame”

Escape from a rear bear hug

One way to counter a single or double leg takedown

Why you should use open-hand strikes in self protection

How to hit hard in self defense

Where to strike an attacker to increase the chances of a KO.

How to counter an attack with a dynamic counterattack

The Cover: protect your head from punches on the street

A brief discussion about the difference between martial arts and Combatives for self-defense.

Short video: the Slap!

A brief look at types of weapons that can be used for self-protection.

A quick look at the Slap, the Double Palmstrike, and one method of defending yourself when thrown to the ground.

Violence is a disease. It is better to avoid it entirely than to “get infected” and have to fight to stay healthy.
But if you have to fight, don’t be like the unfortunate people in this video: victims.
Stay alert, stay aware, and stay safe.