We offer a safe place for you to learn self-defense.
Everyone is welcome: beginners or advanced students.



With any skill you wish to master, you improve through repetition and practice.

No matter the skill set, the more you practice the better you’ll be.

With Combatives, regular training with other people interested in developing their self-protection skills is the most efficient way to learn. It’s good to have dedicated, engaged training partners.

Our weekly training happens each Wednesday from 1800-2000 at our training facility, located at Drorygasse 8/1 1030 Wien.

We invite you to a free introductory lesson! Please email John at to reserve your place, and you can also bring a friend if you wish!

If you choose to continue training after your introductory lesson, the training fees are:

€38 per month, if paid via bank transfer at the beginning of the month.

Or if you prefer to pay week to week, the cost is €13 payable in cash before the start of each lesson.

Can’t come to our Wednesday classes? We also offer workshops, as well as private individualized training at a time convenient to you.