We offer a safe place for you to learn self-defense.
Everyone is welcome: beginners or advanced students.



Can’t train weekly?

Or do your friends, co-workers, or other people in your life want to learn about Combatives together, as a group?

Consider attending one of our Combatives workshops.

These workshops are 3 hours long, with a maximum of ten participants to ensure everyone gets individual attention. There are always two instructors at each workshop, and sometimes a third instructor as well.

Cost for the workshop averages €45-50 per person.

How it works:

We can organize Customized Combatives Workshops for your group, at a time convenient to you. Maybe your group consists of people who are completely new to the world of self-protection, and you’d like a Beginner’s workshop. Or maybe you’re more experienced and would like to focus mainly on certain specific aspects of self-protection training. Or maybe you’re very experienced in martial arts or combat sports but want to integrate Combatives methods into your personal self-protection plan. We can help!

The cost for Customized Combatives Workshops depends on various factors, such as when and where you would like to take the training, how many people you expect to attend, and how long you want the workshop to be, but generally the minimum is €475 for a 3-hour workshop for up to ten people if the workshop is held at our training facility.

The price increases if there are more than ten people, or if you want to train more than 3 hours, or if you prefer to have the workshop at your training facility. If we travel outside of Vienna, the price increases further to account for travel time and expense, lodging (if necessary), and other costs.

If you have any questions please contact John at

We look forward to hearing from you!